Wolfgang Muthspiel at Tonstudio Baumann

Vienna Naked

“The only constant in the work of celebrated jazz guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel is change” (Ralf Dombrowski)

In 2011, he has embarked upon a great musical challenge.
He set about composing a song cycle that would feature only his guitar and - in its recorded debut - his voice.

"Vienna Naked" is the debut album from the cycle, to be released June 15th, 2012.  An album of sparsely instrumented songs laid bare against Muthspiel's strong lead vocal, with the kind of lyrical twists and turns more usually associated with the coffee houses of the folk underground.  It's deep and it's very personal.

Muthspiel's voice has fragility and depth, much like his virtuoso guitar playing for which he has previously been known.  His playing no doubt informs some vocal melodies but also works well as a frame for his voice, and allows for more interactive musicality within the arrangements.

Even though Wolfgang’s early years were spent in the world of classical music, leading to a long relationship with Jazz and Improvisation, the art of song writing has caught his interest early on. So there is a long list of influences from the rock, country and folk scene: among them Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Police, Leonard Cohen and Prince stand out as lynchpins for this album.
"Vienna Naked" is the first step of a long-term project which will see a group of songs develop from demo stages, through to a stripped-down live presentation (of 3 players) and ultimately joined by more songs and a larger presentation culminating in a fully-expanded group line-up, both on record and on concert stage.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for Wolfgang Muthspiel, a journey through song and language.