Wolfgang Muthspiel at Tonstudio Baumann

The Teacher

This is the first time I have recorded my voice (other the some background chanting in the past). It was and is a lesson on so many levels to start singing for real and to listen back to the recordings. Everything comes out in your voice, anything you imagine or feel, any picture you have in your mind, any tension you hold somewhere in your body. The same can be said about instrumental music, but it is nowhere else so obvious than with the human voice. I had the great fortune to go visit a voice teacher in Vienna, who has been involved mostly with classical music, but who is mostly interested in bringing out the voice, liberating it, or finding it. I can‘t thank her enough.


Pete Farmer, March 02, 2013
Great record. Very original. Love it. Thanks for making this!
Luis Cervantes, March 07, 2012
How can I hear this?
Material Records, March 07, 2012
hello luis,
you can find vidoclips of the recording session here: http://www.viennanaked.com/media/video
the album will be released on june 15th!

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