Wolfgang Muthspiel at Tonstudio Baumann

Vienna World

My project Vienna, World is becoming a reality. It is a journey around the world with new songs of mine that I am writing now for very special musicians. It will lead me to Tibro (Sweden), Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, New York and back to Vienna. I can't wait to meet and interact with the great musicians I will meet on this trip: Sven Lindvall, Per Lindvall, Svante Henryson, Alegre Correa, Gabriel Grossi, Fagner Wesley, Alune Wade, Guillermo Klein, Sergio Verdinelli, Matias Mendez, Richard Nante, Becca Stevens, Billy Childs, Benjamin Schmid, Forian Eggner and Karl Hodina.

Vienna, World will become a CD and a Documentary Film, made by Laura Pleifer. During the whole travel, my wonderful soundman Ronny Matky will be with us, both for the recordings and the live dates.



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